The theme for today is “of a certain age.”

I’m sitting in the Austin airport listening to Kenny Burrell on my iPhone and waiting to go home to Charlotte and catch up on a week of missed sleep. Continue reading

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I am not selling personnel monitors.

I’ve just spent an exhausting week at the AAPM annual meeting. As always it was a pure pleasure to be among friends and to make a few new ones. I gave 5 Symposium talks, a new high water mark for me, and an awful lot of work. They all seemed to be well received and I’m always grateful to be invited. There’s also the politicking to be done, of course, which fills most of the other waking hours. The mood among leadership is palpably less tense now that the worst of the lawsuit affair is resolved, and that’s welcome. I volunteered for this second term on the Board to work on other things and the distraction has been truly unfortunate from pretty much every angle. Continue reading

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The 3 Day Rule

IMG_1189I’m just back to Charlotte from my week at the Summer School in Colorado Springs. Having the lamb burger and Hoptimum at The Liberty. Good week, good to be home.

The School was terrific if a bit evangelical. I was grateful to have the chance to voice a skepticism from the podium and appreciate Bruce Thomadsen’s openness to including my dissenting POV in the official program.

I’ll be saying more about this I expect but at the moment I have a very specific axe to grind. Continue reading

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SEAAPM 2013 Spring Symposium

I’m happy to have the opportunity to organize and chair a symposium on device safety. I think it’s a pretty great program. Al deGuzman has also put together a very nice complementary program for the chapter meeting to follow. I hope to see you there.

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5000 of my closest friends…

I live in Charlotte, NC now. Since December of ’11. The AAPM annual meeting is coming to Charlotte in a few weeks. I’ve been telling folks that I’m expecting a week-long visit by 5000 of my closest friends. I’m gonna take a stab at being a good host. Continue reading

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Look, I’ve been busy…

Wow, hard to believe it’s been so long since I updated y’all. Well, then again, not so hard to believe. So much has happened.

But first things first. I am prompted to blog today primarily by the fact that I learned Monday that y’all have elected me to a second term on the Board of Directors of the AAPM. I am truly grateful for the support and again pledge that I will do what I can to leave the profession better off than I found it.

I’ll even try to blog about it more often. Try…


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I want to publicly say just how very proud I am of my first resident to graduate from the Vassar Brothers / Health Quest program in Poughkeepsie, NY. Dominic DiCostanzo, MS took a big chance on us when he accepted our offer with only the promise of my best effort to get the program accredited. He performed exceptionally in his residency and happily the residency was accredited on the first pass earlier this year. I regret that I wasn’t around to sign his certificate but I do claim him proudly as one of my trainees. He has landed an outstanding first job and will no doubt be easily successful in completing his certification exams. Dominic, congratulations and well done.

Comfortably slipping on Dom’s empty shoes, Matt Sutton, MS is the rising Senior Resident at HQ. Y’all might want to think about putting in your bids now to employ him a year from now. He also continues to make me and Dan Pavord proud.

I’m now involved in the residency program that is being developed by Landauer Medical Physics. I’m not the director of this one, just a lowly clinical supervisor, but still hopefully making some meaningful contributions as the program prepares to seek accreditation. Our first resident here in Charlotte is Bryant Gastineau, MS and we’re pleased to have him. Only two years to go, Bryant…

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A season of change

I put my latte mug and tea kettle in a box, dropped my badge on the desk and left my office at UROC for the last time earlier today. Yes, I worked half a day on Thanksgiving, the day after my last day, helping to get some afflicted lasers realigned after a repair.

Transitions are always difficult. And a gamble. Continue reading

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GWSGems #1 – Efficient output adjustment on a Clinac

In my time as a self-employed contractor I got to touch a lot of equipment and swap tips and clues with a lot of people. I have tended to keep many of the best of these to myself and my closest colleagues. Partly to protect valuable intellectual properties, partly to avoid putting potentially dangerous information in the hands of people not prepared to use it properly.

But anyone who has paid any attention also knows that I have a tendency to give away very valuable intellectual property out of a longstanding misguided idealistic impulse. I always hear the sage words of Fred Brooks on this point. When asked wasn’t he worried someone would steal his ideas he responded that it was his job to persuade people to steal his ideas. Idea propagation has to be its own reward since folks rarely recall where the idea came from.

So here’s #1 in a possible series. Today I will show you how to use the digital display of a Clinac to adjust output very quickly and efficiently. First the motions, then the theory. Continue reading

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Getting primed for Vancouver

For the record, and in case you spot me in the lobby bar, my favorite bourbon of the moment is Four Roses small batch. Hard to come by in Vancouver it appears, but really quite readily to hand in Louisville. Four Roses and bacon.

Someone sent me a bacon T-shirt. Anonymously. Which I presume is a Louisville reference, given my recent trip there and the very impressive array of bacon-laden menu items I observed and shared about with others. (Bacon brownies… bacon Bloody Mary… no joke) Does this sort of thing happen to you?

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