I want to publicly say just how very proud I am of my first resident to graduate from the Vassar Brothers / Health Quest program in Poughkeepsie, NY. Dominic DiCostanzo, MS took a big chance on us when he accepted our offer with only the promise of my best effort to get the program accredited. He performed exceptionally in his residency and happily the residency was accredited on the first pass earlier this year. I regret that I wasn’t around to sign his certificate but I do claim him proudly as one of my trainees. He has landed an outstanding first job and will no doubt be easily successful in completing his certification exams. Dominic, congratulations and well done.

Comfortably slipping on Dom’s empty shoes, Matt Sutton, MS is the rising Senior Resident at HQ. Y’all might want to think about putting in your bids now to employ him a year from now. He also continues to make me and Dan Pavord proud.

I’m now involved in the residency program that is being developed by Landauer Medical Physics. I’m not the director of this one, just a lowly clinical supervisor, but still hopefully making some meaningful contributions as the program prepares to seek accreditation. Our first resident here in Charlotte is Bryant Gastineau, MS and we’re pleased to have him. Only two years to go, Bryant…

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