I am not selling personnel monitors.

I’ve just spent an exhausting week at the AAPM annual meeting. As always it was a pure pleasure to be among friends and to make a few new ones. I gave 5 Symposium talks, a new high water mark for me, and an awful lot of work. They all seemed to be well received and I’m always grateful to be invited. There’s also the politicking to be done, of course, which fills most of the other waking hours. The mood among leadership is palpably less tense now that the worst of the lawsuit affair is resolved, and that’s welcome. I volunteered for this second term on the Board to work on other things and the distraction has been truly unfortunate from pretty much every angle.

At the annual meeting, as at the summer school a month earlier, and at pretty much every event where I wear a name tag, I get asked about the fact that I am working for Landauer Medical Physics. People say, “Oh, you’re selling personnel monitors now?” or “So you’re doing commissioning exclusively now?” or some other variant on the question depending on what service the name Landauer triggers. This time there was also “Oh, your company is the one that screwed those guys in Rhode Island.”

So to be clear, I work full time in 2 therapy clinics in Charlotte as a clinical medical physicist, fulfilling contracts for LMP’s clients. I am part of a physics services group in the Charlotte area that for 30ish years was privately owned and operated by two medical physicists, friends of mine, Charles Kinsey and Bill Root. In late 2011 they hired me and almost in the same motion sold the company to Global Physics Solutions which was acquired by Landauer and rebranded as Landauer Medical Physics. Had I had timely warning that this sale was imminent in all honesty I would have been very unlikely to sign on, but the trajectory was what it was, and now we’re all adapting. The culture of a publicly-traded widget company is very different from that of a small private medical physics service company. I am at the very far bottom of the org chart.

I do not sell personnel monitors. I do not do commissioning (there’s a whole different division for that). I don’t do any other sort of consulting because I am forbidden by upper management from doing so. I check charts and do machine QA, and I’m very actively involved in getting LMP’s therapy residency program accredited. I get tremendous satisfaction from working with the residents and with the fine folks involved in the residency program. I spend a fair bit of my personal time on professional volunteer work.

I know it’s confusing. But we’ll get the hang of it. I am just an employee of a physics practice that was acquired by a much larger for-profit company.


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